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Concrete Culverts

Box Culverts

Box culverts are prevalent features in road and highway construction. In order to withstand traffic loads and aggressive weather conditions, these culverts must be tough—that’s why we recommend building yours out of concrete. These box culverts allow water to flow under roads and highways without impeding the flow of traffic.

Utility work also utilizes box culverts. These culverts serve as utility tunnels that carry electricity, water and sewer lines. Sometimes, they also carry communication lines, such as telephone and cable television.

U Culverts

U culverts have a physical form in accordance with its name, which is U-shaped and small in size. These culverts are commonly used in office buildings, warehouses, factories and hotels.

Flush Joint Culverts

Flush joints provide a small degree of flexibility to accommodate ground settlement or alignment adjustments. When external bands are used in conjunction with FJ pipes, they provide a soil-tight joint along the pipeline and prevent loss of bedding material into the pipe. Groundwater infiltration may occur however, when the groundwater level is significantly above the pipeline obvert.

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