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Concrete Drains

V Drain

V drains are used for applications that required improved hydraulic flow and reduced contaminant and bacteria build-up.

The main benefit is that the fast liquid velocities promote a self-cleaning effect not only during times of heavy rainfall, but also when rainfall is light.

Gutter Drain

Gutter drains are constructed beside pavements. The function of concrete gutter is to discharge water and prevent it to infiltrate beneath the pavement. Moreover, not only does it eliminates the need for side ditches but also it enhances the performance of the road. This is because deterioration of pavement due to detrimental influence of water penetration is declined.

Trench Drain

Commercial and residential properties depend on concrete trench drains (sometimes called channel drains) to redirect excess storm water and waste water runoff from creating unsafe surface-pooling on driveways and parking lots.

The purpose of a trench drain is to collect excess water from a driveway or parking lot, and direct it to a small-scale catch basin. Further water treatment depends on whether the runoff is contaminated or non-contaminated. For example, commercial garages, gas station parking lots and car washes that clean vehicles’ oily undercarriages all rely on trench drains to intercept and redirect water, to prevent runoff of oil, gas, or other liquids to the surrounding environment

Telecom Pit with Lid

Telecom pits acts as a inspection and distribution point for phone cabling by way of conduits underground. They are basically just access points into the underground network.

U Drain

Precast ‘U-Shape’ drain is the solution for faster & smarter way of providing effective & efficient storm water surface drain.

When road is going in the gradient, our U Shape drain can be laid in the same gradient. Even when road is kept at same level, water normally flows through its own hydraulic gradient.

Half Round Drain

Half round channels are used anywhere where there is excessive runoff water along buildings and along roads. Having the same joint profile as the IJ (Interlocking Joints) pipe it is easy to join these channels into and existing pipe line.

Sump Pit with Lid

From unpleasant odors to dangerous radon gas, your sump pit is certainly not the most gratifying part about your home. While its primary function is to keep excess groundwater from getting into your basement, it also helps pump away toxins that have leached into the soil around your home. Coupling that with keeping your basement dry and flood-free, your sump pit may be more gratifying than you think. However, if your sump pump doesn’t have a lid, you should definitely put buying one on your list of things to do. One reason you need a basin lid is to keep unpleasant odors from rising from your basement and entering the air of your home.

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